Chris Evans in a sweater in 'Knives Out'

Fans Can't Stop Tweeting About Chris Evans' Sweater Game In 'Knives Out'


The real "whodunnit?" of Knives Out has nothing to do with the film's central murder. The main mystery of the movie is actually all about the costuming of the star-studded cast; specifically, fans want to find the mastermind of Chris Evans' wardrobe and smother them... with praise. No seriously — one glance at all the tweets about Chris Evans' sweaters in Knives Out makes it clear that audiences think the movie's fashion choices to die for.

The cozy-knit hype started early. Fans first caught a glimpse of Evans in all his preppy glory when the official Knives Out trailer dropped back in July. Since then, the collective sweater fervor has only grown, and Evans' outfits became a hallmark of the movie before it even came out.

And now that Knives Out is officially in theaters, audiences are swooning even harder. Evans' character Ransom Drysdale is handsome, suave, and a total d*ck (but like, in a funny way), so once you factor in his already-infamous attire, it's hard to focus on anything else. Of course, there's a lot to love about Rian Johnson's modern-day murder mystery — including Ana de Armas' stellar performance and Daniel Craig's Southern accent — but as many fans on Twitter point out, but you really can't beat a snuggly (yet potentially murderous) Captain America.

But Evans doesn't get to hog the sweater spotlight all for himself. More than one Knives Out cast member — including de Armas, Michael Shannon, and Jaeden Lieberher — rocks a cuddly 'fit at some point during the film, so there's plenty of outfit inspo to carry you though the holidays. Your living room style game will never be the same.

Knives Out is showing in theaters nationwide now.