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Before Britney Spears’ short haircut inspired by Khloé Kardashian, she arrived for a movie premiere ...

How Britney Spears' Short Haircut Was Inspired By Khloé Kardashian

It’s a match made in haircare heaven.


A visit to Britney Spears’ Instagram page is a thing of beauty. Now that Spears has the autonomy to post what she likes, the pop superstar vents in her post captions, shares dancing videos, and posts thirst traps, just like a regular, non-famous person. Now, Spears can add “being influenced by a Kardashian” to her list of social media rites of passage. In the caption of an Instagram post shared on Wednesday, Oct. 5, Spears shared how Khloé Kardashian inspired her recent major hair transformation.

Spears didn’t clarify what step in her personal hair journey has benefited from Kardashian inspo, nor was her post caption exclusively about her hair. The “Oops!…I Did It Again” singer simply wrote, “I was inspired by Khlo[é] Kardashian’s hair so I’m working on deep conditioning it today,” before denouncing the trolls who swarm her profile regularly.

If you consider yourself obsessed with celebrity hair transformations, you probably feel like Spears buried the lede here. Did Khloé Kardashian inspire Spears’ big chop or was Spears simply referencing Kardashian’s long list of deep conditioning products that have helped her keep her frequently bleached and color-treated hair looking glossy AF?

Since announcing that she “cut off all [her] hair” in a now-deleted Instagram video, Spears has kept her new ‘do under wraps courtesy of a wide-brimmed hat. So far, the Grammy winner has remained mum on whether she was influenced in the direction of a haircut or a conditioning treatment.

Britney Spears/Instagram

It’s also possible that Kardashian inspired the “Toxic” singer to switch up her hair color. There’s no way for fans to know for sure, but there is a long list of deep conditioning treatments that Kardashian has recommended in the past, many of them priced affordably.

Via sister Kourtney Kardashian’s website POOSH, Khloé has shared DIY deep conditioner recipes with fans including masks made from mayonnaise and olive oil. Previously, the Good American founder shared that she deep conditions her hair “at least twice a week.” She’s also a fan of Clear Hydration Fix Shampoo, a drugstore option that hydrates while it cleanses. Given that Spears explicitly mentioned deep conditioning in her Instagram caption, this seems like a likely option.

Khloé’s had a busy summer, hair-wise. Before debuting gorgeous pumpkin spice hair at the end of August, the mother of two had been sporting a sharp blonde lob much like her sister Kim’s blunt cut and icy color. While Spears rarely strays from her signature blonde, she could have been inspired by Kardashian’s revolving door of hair hues. The pop icon is no stranger to the wonderful world of hair extensions, but maybe she’s taking a page from Kardashian's ultra-long locks book and was deep conditioning to prep for a big extension installation.

Until Spears loses the hat and shows the world what she’s working with, fans will be left guessing as to what exactly she owes to Kardashian, but in the meantime, there are plenty of selfies on her feed worth celebrating.