Britney Spears Seems Really Excited About Her New Hair & Honestly, Love That For Her

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I know the saying goes, "Blondes have more fun," but if for some reason Britney Spears feels this is no longer true, I am ready and willing to make it my personal mission to remove that saying from the English language entirely. Britney Spears' new brown hair is proof the singer is over her iconic blonde strands, and whether it's a passing phase or a new 'do for life, I love that she's decided to change things up, and the darker color looks amazing. Not to mention, it's very fall-appropro. We love an autumnal queen!

It goes without saying that for much of her career, Brit was known for having a specific ~look~ that consisted of of rock-hard abs, blonde extensions, and smoky eye makeup. It's a style still replicated every October 31 by her dedicated fan base, and while it's certainly not 2001 anymore, our girl has managed to maintain her toned physique, signature glam, and blonde strands for quite some time now.

Here's the Spears we all know and love, rocking her go-to sooty eye and bombshell blonde bedhead:

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...Aaaaand here she is in 2007, eyes just as smoky, hair just as blonde. In fact, even blonder:

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Time-traveling all the way back to 2001, we see Brit's heavy eye makeup and blonde tresses have been an essential part of her look since day one:

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So when she took to Instagram to show off her new hair color for fall 2019, I did not see a brunette Brit coming:

"Same faces, same dress, new hair !!!!! 👠 Yes, my sister inspired me to go dark !!!!!!!" Spears captioned a slideshow of selfies, in which does every pose from duck face to sticking her tongue out. By "my sister," she's of course referring to Miss Zoey 101 herself, Jamie Lynn Spears.

Jamie Lynn has been living the brunette life for quite some time now, and it seems her older sis has decided to follow her lead:

Britney hasn't changed up her look in a minute, so honestly, I'm all about the new 'do. She can pull off anything, and she's a beautiful brunette! Of course, the celebs who commented on her Instagram post agree. "We love a dark haired queen 💅🏻" wrote plus-size model and body positivity activist Tess Holiday. "Beautiful blond or black, commented Spears' boyfriend, personal trainer Sam Asghari. Cute! My girl Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki kept her comment short and sweet, and said what everyone else was thinking: "I love you." Same, girl. We literally all love Britney so much.

Quite a few haters were far more concerned with Spears' dark eye makeup than her dark hair, but hi, that's always been her look, so anyone who dislikes it can take several seats:

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Is it obvious that I was looking for any reason to include a K-Fed throwback photo in this article? Ah, the good old days. Shout out to Britney for not being afraid to try something new with her look — should she choose to return to her iconic blonde, I'll welcome it back with open arms, but for now, she's giving brunettes everywhere a good name.