Hair Me Out
BLACKPINK's Jennie debuted orange hair, and BLINKs are freaking out on Twitter.

BLACKPINK's Jennie Debuted Orange Hair, So BLINKs Think A Comeback Is Inevitable

How you like *that*?

BLACKPINK may be in your area sooner than anticipated, if Jennie Kim’s new look is anything to go by. Jennie just debuted bright orange hair on her Instagram, and fans believe this is a sign that BLACKPINK is gearing up for a major musical comeback. If history has taught BLINKs anything, it’s that a hair change among the K-pop group means *something* is on the horizon, so everyone is freaking out.

“Don’t talk to me or my new hair🧡,” the 26-year-old singer, who’s naturally brunette, captioned her Sunday, April 10 Instagram post, in which she showed off her orange hair — with a middle part, of course — for the first time while posing with an array of orange flowers. Around the same time, she also posted pictures of Milla Jovovich as Leeloo in The Fifth Element on her Instagram Stories; the actress’ hair was dyed a very similar tangerine color to Jennie’s for the 1997 sci-fi film.

Jennie paired her latest look with a dark Calvin Klein top, which appears to be rolled up to make it a more cropped style, and jeans from the same brand. (Jennie is one of the faces of Calvin Klein’s spring 2022 campaign.)

Once BLINKs feasted their eyes on Jennie’s orange hair, they shared their hopes of a BLACKPINK comeback in the near future across basically every social media platform, especially on Twitter:

As one fan pointed out, Jennie’s daring two-toned hair in BLACKPINK’s 2020 music video for “How You Like That” was quickly dyed back to black shortly after the single dropped, so the hair change was seemingly specific to the video and maybe not a personal choice. Could her orange hair be for a similar reason?

Considering fellow BLACKPINK member Rosé posted a new hair selfie — also with a flower — before a previous comeback, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that that’s exactly what Jennie had in mind when she posted her selfies.

Then again, there have been plenty of other BLACKPINK hair changes that happened without any subsequent new music. In late February, Jisoo showed off dip-dyed hair at a Dior Paris Fashion Week event, keeping her dark hair bare of any color aside from icy blonde at the ends. Then there’s Lisa, who took her short platinum blonde hair to new lengths for her 25th birthday at the end of March. In both cases, there weren’t any signs of a comeback in the days that followed. So, is Jennie’s orange hair a sign of a big BLACKPINK announcement to come, or simply a style change? Only time will tell.