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BLACKPINK's Jisoo debuts dip-dyed hair at the Dior Womenswear Fall/Winter 2022/2023 show as part of ...

BLACKPINK's Jisoo Dip-Dyed Her Hair, And I Can’t Stop Staring At It

BLINKs are *obsessed*.

Jisoo is the latest celeb to reveal a major hair transformation during Fashion Week, and her new look in making me seriously consider bleaching my hair for the first time in years. The BLACKPINK singer teased her newly bleached ends on social media before arriving in Paris, where she showed off the dip-dyed hair trend at a Dior Paris Fashion Week event.

The 27-year-old musician appears to have taken a subtle approach to dip-dyed hair, which usually begins with bleach and ends with a pop of brightly colored dye creating an ombre effect on the hair from the bottom up. However, for her Paris Fashion Week hair transformation, she opted to keep the ends of her natural long, dark hair bare of any color aside from icy platinum blonde.

Jisoo also struck a nice balance with just how much of her hair got the dip-dyed effect. Only about the bottom fourth of her nearly waist-length hair — roughly four inches — got the bleach treatment, which makes the look striking but not overwhelming. The high contrast effect of super dark fading into super pale is a fresh, e-girl-adjacent take on dip-dying that you’re probably going to start seeing everywhere. BLINKs are certainly head over heels about it.

One fan shared on Twitter, “Her outfit and hair are everything,” in reference to her style at the Dior event. “I’m obsessed!” Another user geeked out over the “winterification” of Jisoo’s hair. Others view the subtle shift in color as a sign that BLACKPINK might be getting together soon to work on new music. “OMG JISOO'S HAIR???? JISOO SOLO? BP COMEBACK?!?!?” questioned Twitter user @ikalawaa.

While there has been a heated Twitter debate as to whether Jisoo’s dip-dyed ends are actually just well-blended hair extensions, I am firmly on the side of she really went there — but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Jisoo officially debuted her dip-dyed look at Dior Womenswear show on Tuesday, March 1 while also serving some major Clueless 2.0 vibes in a simple white shirt, tie, and plaid mini-dress fresh off the Dior 2022 runway. The style star’s asymmetrical manicure reflected her new hair look, giving us a little bit of Parisian minimalism with a nude reverse french tip and half luxe goth girl. In fact, her whole look struck a balance between high fashion and edginess — the perfect combo.

JULIEN DE ROSA/Contributor/Getty Images

There’s something exciting about the mix of sharpness and sophistication that Jisoo delivered at the Dior show and in her recent Instagram posts that stands out in a sea of over-the-top Fashion Week hair transformations. Her dip-dye moment is definitely an achievable look and one you’re probably going to start seeing all over the place since it’s low maintenance compared to a full-on hair color overhaul while still managing to make a statement. It’s low-risk, high reward, and — dare I say it — effortlessly cool.