Bella Hadid Just Got The Hairstyle ALL The Cool Kids Have

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since quarantine started back in March, everyone's taken to their bathroom sinks with a bottle of bleach and reckless abandon. The most popular look to take over has to be the chunky '90s highlights, better known as egirl hair. In addition to almost half of TikTok standing behind this hairstyle, the look's just gotten pretty hefty celebrity endorsement. On Nov. 10, Bella Hadid showed off a new egirl hairstyle on her Instagram story. Stars! They truly are just like us.

"She's back in the makeup chair let's go," Hadid captioned the photo. From the looks of it, the model went with the most classic version of the hairstyle: The front two strands framing her face are a much lighter bronde shade as opposed to the rest of her brown hair. Although, it appears there may be a few other highlights throughout her head. What project she's in the chair for is still a secret, but I hope whatever it involves fans getting a full view of this hairdo sometime soon.

Hadid joins an ever-growing list of people partaking in the egirl hair trend, including myself and every one I follow on TikTok. Kylie Jenner tried out the look in April, and Dua Lipa has been playing around with similar styles since 2019. Hadid, however, usually stays in a relatively safe comfort zone when it comes to her hair. She doesn't stray far from brunette shades and a medium length, but this style is a great way to bring a little more light and edge to your hair in the bleaker months.

Courtesy of @BellaHadid on Instagram.

Usually, darker highlights and chocolate shades are the go-to for fall dye jobs, but you could easily flip the switch by following in Hadid's steps. Egirl highlights aren't a drastic change by any means, and they can make you totally fall back in love with your hair, especially if you're getting a little bored with it. Not to mention, beyond being model-approved, this newer style could also make you TikTok famous. No guarantees, though.

While it's up in the air how long Hadid will rock her trendy highlights, I hope she keeps the modern look long enough to see if egirls have more fun.