These 7 2020 Hair Color Trends Are All About Embracing Warm Tones

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If you're already thinking about your 2020 glow-up, I highly suggest you keep the top 2020 hair color trends in mind. Of course, you can dye your hair any shade that suits your liking, but if you need a bit of inspo, I've rounded up a few celeb-loved looks that, according to a professional colorist, are about to be mega-popular in the new year. Scroll through and just try not to book a color appointment at your local salon, I dare you!

When I spoke to Michelle Gonzalez, a colorist at Mimi's Salon in Belmar, New Jersey, about 2020's most popular hair colors, she made one thing clear: Warm tones would be back with a vengeance. After lusting over platinum and icy-toned locks all 2019, you can finally make the most of trends like warm honey blonde, chocolatey brown, and caramel swirl — or, if you're bold enough, full-on red. Roots are also having a moment, with a grown-out look serving as 2020's edgiest option, although fantasy-colored roots a la Billie Eilish aren't far behind. The most surprising thing Gonzalez told me? Chunky highlights will be trending in a big way, and if you find that hard to believe, then read on for all the tea.

Warm Honey

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Kiss silver strands goodbye once and for all — in 2020, a warmer, bronzier blonde will be the most coveted shade of all. "People are starting to embrace the warmth tones in their hair as opposed to the very popular icy tones from last year," Gonzalez exclusively tells Elite Daily. "Honey blondes are the new platinum. They’re easier to achieve and to mainstain."

Chunky Highlights

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I never thought I'd say this, but chunky highlights are trending. "People are opting for the old-school chunky highlights that were on trend in the '90s and early 2000s," explains Gonzalez, adding that colorists should "keep the lightness heavier in the front and frame the face" to nail the approach. If celebs like Beyoncé and Selena Gomez give this look their seal of approval, then I'm down to give it a try.

Intentional Roots

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Along with ditching platinum strands comes the perk of being able to skip out on a salon appointment or two. In 2019, strands had to be perfectly kempt, but in 2020, a little grown out root, or ~rootage~, as celeb colorist Guy Tang calls it, is perfectly acceptable, if not coveted. In fact, you can even ask your colorist to create a shadow root, which is basically a dyed-on root at the base of your strands to make your color look more natural. "If you can’t commit to fully bleaching out your hair or want something a little softer, a root shadow is the perfect look," says Gonzalez. "You can add in a little bit darker of a root to blend out any harsh lines but still have the edgy, rooted look," she explains.

Reddish Glaze


"A big trend I’ve been getting a lot of requests for lately is reddish tones. Anything from Zendaya's reddish brown look to more of a gingery color," shares Gonzalez. "I myself recently went red and it’s my favorite color yet! It's way less maintence, and I can save my hair from being bleached." If you can pull off a fiery Madelaine Petsch red, more power to you, but if not, don't think you can't get in on the trend. Ask your colorist for a red glaze to give your strands just a hint of the hue, and make sure you like how that looks before doing anything too drastic.

Caramel Swirl

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I'll say it one more time, just in case you weren't following. Warm tones are IT for 2019, people! "Caramel tones are really popular this year," says Gonzalez, noting, "these tones pair best with brunettes, and can be achieved easily with a balayage." Or, you can even pull a Beyoncé and rock the shade with the chunky highlights trend mentioned earlier.

Milk Chocolate

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Say goodbye to dull, mousey browns and hello to rich, radiant chocolate. "It’s winter and everyone is ready to go dark. The milk chocolate rich brunettes are very popular," says Gonzalez. This shade requires a ton of dimension, and Kiernan Shipka's platinum-to-brown transformation is proof it can make as much of a statement as blonde. "Tiny hints of milk chocolate mixed with dark brunette tones looks beautiful on people who want to go dark without going all one color," says Gonzalez.

Reverse Dip Dye

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I'm not nearly as cool as Billie Eilish, but she's still inspiring me to give colored roots a go. "Reverse dip dye hair like Billie Eilish is a cool trendy look that’s good for girls who can’t commit to making their whole head a crazy vivid color," says Gonzalez. Typically, one opts to dye the ends of his or her hair, so they can eventually be cut off, but Eilish went straight for the roots with some good ol' bleach and slime green hair dye, and her bold decision really paid off. It's a look and a half, and you best believe it'll be copied quite a bit in 2020.

Don't forget to book your next dye job before the ball drops on New Year's Eve! You'll want to ring in 2020 with the perfect strands.