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Anne Hathaway’s Armageddon Time Pixie Cut Is So Retro

Big chop much?

Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Whether you stan Anne Hathaway’s The Devil Wears Prada bangs or adored her shaved head look as Fantine in Les Mis, you have to admire the lengths she’s willing to go — or cut off — for a role. Her latest hair transformation just might be her best yet. You can be the judge, but Hathaway’s pixie cut is giving the very best kind of retro vibes.

In her latest film, Armageddon Time, which hit theaters nationwide on Friday, Nov. 4, Hathaway has a drastically different look. The dramatic coming-of-age story takes place in the ‘80s and, naturally, Hathaway, who plays Esther Graff, the main character’s mother, underwent a very throwback hair transformation for the role. On Friday, Nov. 4. and Sunday, Nov. 6, the actor shared a few images from the set of Armageddon Time on her Instagram feed. In the photos, Hathaway is missing roughly nine inches of her hair. Instead of the layered lob she’s been rocking all fall, the Devil Wears Prada actor had a slightly curly pixie cut in the photos. To say the look was a big change is a bit of an understatement. Hathaway’s pixie cut left her nearly unrecognizable.

The new ‘do is definitely a different look for Hathaway and, most likely, not a permanent change. In the photos, the cut appears to be shorter in the front with more volume and a few layers in the back. Even with superhuman hair-growing abilities, there’s no way the WeCrashed actor was able to go from this cheekbone-skimming cut to the lengthy lob she was photographed with at the 29th annual ELLE Women in Hollywood celebration on Oct. 17.

That said, the likelihood that Hathway’s big chop was a wig doesn’t make the look any less dramatic nor the metamorphosis any less impressive. Whoever was behind the hair design definitely delivered a major ‘80s no-nonsense mom moment with this wig. It really transforms Hathaway from her IRL fashion darling look to a frazzled homemaker. That’s movie magic, y’all.