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Never Forget When Simone Biles Totally Freaked Out On The Podium Over A Bee

Simone Biles is fearless.

She leaps into spiraled backflips while performing on a 4-inch-wide balance beam. She swings from bar to bar effortlessly.

She can vault herself to heights that would make other people sick. Clearly, when she's in the arena, Simone is not afraid of anything — that is, except for a bee.

That's Biles, two years ago, hilariously freaking out after realizing that a bee was in the flowers she was given after finishing first place at the 2014 World Championships in China.

The video is a throwback, which started going Twitter viral on Tuesday in light of Biles' newfound fame.

I'm crying there was a bee in her flowers — Tianna Drahn (@tianna_drahn) August 16, 2016

Biles had a historically good Rio Olympics campaign.

She won four gold medals out of the five events she competed in, missing out on a clean sweep only by falling during her routine on the balance beam. And even then, she finished with a bronze medal.

Her five medals tied her for the most by a US gymnast at a single Olympics.

Still, that video of her trying to get away from a bee is probably the most entertaining thing we've seen from her thus far.

Oh, and about that podium picture — she eventually got it once the bee went away.


Yep, there she is, in the middle, first place, as always.