Serena Williams Is A Tennis Trick Shot Master, Obviously


I could sit here and rattle off every tournament and trophy the great Serena Williams has won in her career, but what would really be the point? You don't need me to tell you how many titles she's won or how many opponents she's blown off the court.

You don't need me to tell you she's arguably the greatest professional tennis player to ever pick up a racket.

The younger Williams sister hits harder than anyone, makes no apologies and knows how to switch gears and dress to the nines when she hits a red carpet gala.

In the above video, though, Serena Williams, with the help of Dude Perfect and Whistle Sports, manages to showcase her ability not only as a tennis trick shot master, but also as a charismatic individual who has more to give than just aces and groundstrokes.

Can the 34-year-old break a water balloon with one of her venomous serves? You can probably answer that question without watching the above video. Can she go all William Tell and knock a can of tennis balls off a dude's head with her vicious forehand? Again, you already know.

But, Serena can also joke about gas station snacks, spit planetary facts and revel in the excitement of hitting a giant tennis ball into a basketball hoop.

To see Serena in all her brilliance, check out the video above in full.

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