An MMA Fighter Literally Tried To Capture His Opponent With A Pokéball

Pokémon is taking over everything.

It's invaded politics. It's invaded dating. It's invaded people's daily lives and is causing stampedes and seriously injuring people while doing it. So, it was only a matter of time until it invaded live sports.

That's what happened on Saturday when MMA fighter Michael "Venom" Page knocked out Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos at Bellator 158. Page celebrated by running to his team, who had a Pokémon hat for him, and literally tossing a Pokéball over to his seemingly unconscious opponent.

A couple of notes here: First, all things considered, this is the ultimate show of disrespect. At a time when Pokémon is trending on an insane level, the last thing you need for your reputation is for someone to throw a Pokéball at you while you're lying on the mat, and after getting hit with a vicious flying knee at that.

There is legitimate reason to be sad for Santos.

But, second, the commitment from Page is hilariously impressive. Forget about the hat for a minute; where do you even buy a Pokéball from? Who does that? Page, apparently, and he did it perfectly.

Page had reason to be confident enough to prepare the celebration, too. The welterweight is now undefeated with an 11-0 record and, after Saturday night, is one step closer toward being the very best (like no one ever was).