John Cena Brings Child Battling Cancer Into The Ring After 'WWE Raw' (Video)

The epic debut of Kevin Owens sparked a side of John Cena we haven't seen since he was feuding with The Rock.

Still, at 38 years old, he's a grown ass man and isn't going to lose his cool and get all TV-14 on us.

John Cena has way too many kids he's setting an example for, and one of them was sitting ringside during "WWE Raw."

Cena called him up and brought him into the ring for an incredible moment he'll remember for the rest of his life.

Outside of the ring, Cena is dedicated to making a difference and has granted 400 wishes through Make-A-Wish Foundation.

All it takes is a moment like this to remind us why wrestling is so important. It's for the kids!

Shout out to John Cena.

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