Cowboys Fan Gets Punched So Hard By Giants Tailgater His Pants Fall Down


It's the kind of glorious moment usually reserved for a black-and-white comedy sketch.

But this awesome punch actually happened in real life, and a Cowboys fan was the receiver — icing on the cake.

The video was allegedly captured at the Cowboy-Giants tailgate before the game in Dallas all the way back at the beginning of the season, but it's only just emerged this week. Good job, too, because it's funny as hell.

It starts with this Cowboys fan getting all up in someone's grill.

He's majorly outnumbered, plus the guy he's picking a fight with is wearing a Lawrence Taylor jersey — obvious mistake.


He's getting held back by a woman, perhaps his wife — she doesn't want him to fight, and he should have listened.


Then... BAM!


LT has no time for this guy. The second he steps to him, he drops the dude with one hit.



I lied about the icing on the cake. It's here, as the dazed fan stumbles away, and gravity sees its opportunity to pull those ridiculous shorts to the ground:

De-pantsed. Humiliated.

The video was posted on YouTube by Brandon Hubschman. He wrote,

The Giants went 3-0 vs the Cowboys this season. Two times on the field, and one time off it. Newly surfaced video shows a situation during presumably the teams first meeting this season in Dallas, where a Cowboys fans gets knocked out with a single punch by a Giants fan.

The Giants and the Cowboys both will be playing games in the NFL playoffs this season.

After going an impressive 13-3 in the regular season, the Cowboys clinched home-field advantage and a first-round bye.

The Giants turned in a solid season as well, going 11-5, beating the Cowboys twice and earning the wild card spot en-route. They'll take on the Detroit Lions this Sunday.

The Cowboys will play the worst seed remaining the following week — either the Lions, Packers or Giants.