Guy Chugs Beer From Woman's Ass, Takes Tailgating Way Too Far In Viral Video

Twitter/Barstool Sports

I think we can definitively say Buffalo Bills fans have gone too far now, after watching this recent video of Bills fans celebrating in a very, uh, creative way.

It's some kind of other world savagery.

During some tailgating festivities before the Bills game against the San Francisco 49ers, one fan engaged in, let's just say, "extreme chugging."

Check out the video below.

Yes, that is a grown man, drinking beer after it has been poured on a woman's back and down her crack. And Barstool's caption -- "Just another Sunday in Buffalo" -- is spot on, too.

This would happen at a Bills game. I just have one question.

Um, why?

Like, I'm not trying to judge or anything, I'm just trying to figure out what makes the "Bills Mafia" the wildest fanbase in the NFL. I mean, this is like the 10,000th time we've seen something like this from them, isn't it?

If they're not chugging beer from a girl's ass, they're jumping through tables. If they're not jumping through tables, they're making out with their hands in each other's pants while standing in a stadium hallway.

If they're not making out with each with their hands in each other's pants while standing in a stadium hallway, they're having sex at a tailgate, literally in broad day light.

And when they're not doing all that, they just might be making up cute games like, well, whatever this is that had a woman tackling a "replica" of Colin Kaepernick.

Speaking of Kaepernick, by the way, the Bills actually dominated him during his first start of the season as San Francisco's quarterback.

Buffalo's 45-16 win means the Bills are 4-2, which means they're actually good for once.

And that means Bills fans have even more things to celebrate, which means we'll probably see another viral video of a couple of fans doing something crazy within the next six to eight business days.

Stay classy, Bills Mafia.

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