Bills Fan Gets Caught Grabbing Woman's Bare Butt In Crowded Stadium

There's really no avoiding the fact that the Buffalo Bills fan base is a wild bunch, and we were promptly reminded of this fact on Thursday.

During the Bills' first home game of the season, two fans were snapped making out with each other within the halls of the New Era Field, formerly known as Ralph Wilson Stadium.

And, let's just say, the guy was going in.

And by "going in," I mean the guy is clearly grabbing this woman's bare ass in a sports-fueled public display of affection.

Just in case you aren't familiar with #BillsMafia, rest assured this is par for the course for #BillsMafia.

They wouldn't be who they are if they didn't take the first opportunity of the NFL season to show how wild they are.

For example, a guy jumped through a table during a tailgate outside "The Ralph" on the same night, and that was only the second craziest thing to happen at the Jets-Bills game that Thursday.

We made it to Channel 4 News haha — Woj (@BryanWojtanik) September 16, 2016

They were probably making out because they needed all the distractions they could get.

After all, their beloved Buffalo lost to their division rivals, the New York Jets, 37-31. Consequently, the Bills are now 0-2.

The #BillsMafia, however, is undefeated.

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