Buffalo Bills Fan Caught Warming Hands On GF's Ass

Bills fans and shame go hand-in-hand.

I'm not judging. I'm actually jealous. I'd love not to care about my reputation at all.

The latest in their catalog of outrageous game day antics comes in the form of this glorious photo.

It shows a fan with his mitts stuffed down his girlfriend's pants (at least, we hope that's his GF, otherwise they really have stooped to a whole new level) at the Bills vs Browns game.

Obviously, it's mighty cold at the Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, and every Bills fan knows the inside of their GF's pants is, on average, 10 times warmer than the outside world.


So, just as he once roasted marshmallows on an open campfire, he warmed his hands over the warm glow of her rear.

Now that's some Bear Grylls thinking. Next he's going to weave an eskimo jacket from her pubes in anticipation of the polar vortex. COME AT ME, WINTER.

The bizarre scene was captured by a fan on Sunday.

We have another fan to thank for last week's video of a Buffalo Bill breaking his leg in a drunken fall from a car onto a table. You missed it? Brah, it was savage.

The footage shows a guy in a Mexican wrestling mask getting egged on by a crowd eager to see some weird, drunk action.

He lines himself up for one mega send.


And launches with so much enthusiasm.


Maybe too much enthusiasm.


He comes crashing through the table with one leg.


And then grabs his leg in so much pain when it buckles the opposite way. Ouch.


Then there was the time a Buffalo Bills fan butt chugged from a woman's behind.

It took tailgating to a scary new level I believe no one is ready for. Bills fans, you never disappoint.

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