Woman Trolls Family Who Ask Why She's Single With Dog Pic

One thing I've become accustomed to during family gatherings each holiday season is answering the dreaded question, "Amanda, are you seeing anyone?"

In my head, I usually answer with, "No, sweet family members. I am still single. Maybe one year we'll have a Christmas miracle and I'll bring a date to the dinner table, but that day is not today."

Secretly, I wish I could chug a bottle of wine, sit them down and calmly explain to them how dating in New York City is the the epitome of romance hell. (I am literally the Grinch right now. I apologize.)

To my surprise, an Imgur user by the name of  was having the same problem with her extra-curious family members, so she came up with a perfect solution to the issue.

In preparation for when she's asked about her love life this Christmas, the clever gal posted a photo that perfectly sums up where her heart's really at this holiday season.


This woman is my hero.

According to Metro, the dog-loving Imgur user accidentally deleted the first photo she posted of her puppy date, but the original caption was cute.

Apparently, she wrote,

This Christmas, when everyone in my family asks me that annoying question, I'm simply going to show them this picture and let them come to their own conclusion.

Who needs a date when your adorable pup can be staring lovingly at you from across a rose-covered table?!

According to 's Imgur page, she adopted her dog, Addie, from a rescue pet organization. In case you didn't notice, Addie only has one eye.


So, while others are busy pleasing their significant others this holiday season, this caring chick will be looking after her one-eyed dog and making sure she's living the best life she can.

I'm hoping she brings Addie as her date to the holiday dinner table, too.

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