7 Reasons Why It's Damn Near Impossible To Find Love In New York City

by Lindsey Lazarte

For decades, New York City has reigned the tops of lists of places to visit in the world.

People come from all over just to see those bright city lights.

And, with everything it has to offer, how could you resist? It's the city that never sleeps and it leaves much room for the imagination in terms of endless opportunities.

We have this idea of New York City that anything can happen.

With the countless movies made about the big apple, love in the city has been glamorized into a fairytale ending we all hope to someday have.

Unfortunately, life is not like the movies. It's messy and complicated and living in New York doesn't make it any easier.

This is what makes finding love in the city so difficult:

Too many distractions

There is always — and I mean always — something to do. Something always gets in the way; a last minute invitation to a concert or party can reroute your entire night.

We're always making plans to go out even when we are already out, and we never stop to catch our breath.

How could we possibly fit dating into our schedules?

Too many plans

No one in New York City ever truly commits to a plan until about an hour prior to the actual event.

This is because we often have five other plans lined up for the same night, and we can't decide which to attend.

Everyone is off in their own worlds, running in a million directions. Who the hell knows what will happen on Friday when it's only Tuesday?

It's easy to write people off or forget about them

After living in New York City for several years, I can say that it's very easy to lose track of time. New York City takes a lot out of you and it's exhausting.

You walk past thousands of people every day, and after a while, you don't even notice them. This makes you somewhat jaded.

Meeting someone new can always be a gamble. If you don't instantly click, it's on to the next one.

Everyone has a wandering eye

With the millions of people in this city, we don't know how to focus on just one person anymore. The amount of single people living in New York City is phenomenal.

Everyone is always chasing after the next best thing. No one wants to settle or commit and it forces people to date multiple people at once.

How can you expect to fall for someone when you're dating two people on the side?

Dating apps ruined everything

Thanks to the rise in popularity of social dating apps, people have gotten lazy when it comes to properly courting someone.

The convenience of dating apps has desensitized our generation from truly getting to know one another through verbal communication.

We don't know how to act in person anymore, so we just text each other from our couches while watching Netflix.

Location, location, location

Aside from the general craziness of the whole city, location matters. Whether it's a subway, taxi or bus, getting from point A to point B can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes.

Although you may be in the same borough, dating someone on the east side while you're on the west side can feel like a long-distance relationship.

Dreams over love

Everyone who came to New York City from somewhere else came here for a reason. It may be in pursuit of advancing a career, or maybe it was just a dream to live here.

Either way, these people may be so preoccupied with pursuing the American Dream that they forget what it's like to be in relationship.

If you do happen to find that special someone you are crazy about, by all means, try to hold on to him or her.

It seems like a miracle to find one person you really care about in a city of millions.

You never know what it could lead to.