This Woman Did A Rap Freestyle While Having Sex And It's Surprisingly Lit

Twitter is a wild place, but I'm not sure what would posses someone to record a rap freestyle while having sex with his or her significant other and then tweet a video of said freestyle.

Late Monday night, though, this video started making the rounds on Twitter, and it's not hard to see why. First off, a woman rapped a freestyle while a dude was hitting it from behind. Perhaps more noteworthy, though -- if that's even possible -- is the fact she was on beat and spitting some serious heat.

Now, I'm not going to post the video here, but you probably should do yourself a favor and check out this woman in, um, action.

This takes multitasking to never before seen heights, in my opinion, but these two Twitter users probably have the most rational takes on this situation.

You've seen couples getting it on in parking lots and sports stadiums, yes, but this puts "Where they do that at?" on an entirely new level. Was the sex so good she had to rap about it? Or, was the sex so terrible she had to focus on something else in order to pass the time?

We may never know the answer, but we certainly are aware of how talented this woman is.

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