Twitter Can't Stop Roasting The New Samsung Phone That Keeps Blowing Up


Apple and Samsung have been dominating tech news this week, thanks to their latest smartphones.

A couple of days ago, we showed you a bunch of hilarious reactions people had to Apple's unveiling of the new iPhone 7 features.

If you thought those remarks were pretty entertaining, you'll be glad to know the iPhone 7 isn't the only smartphone out there that's getting a ton of attention on social media.

Between the iPhone 7 unveiling and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding, this is gonna be my next cellphone: — Billy Corben (@BillyCorben) September 9, 2016


Apparently, Twitter is also blowing up with reactions to Samsung's phone recall. It's being referred to by some as "Flame-Gate."

Yep, if you haven't heard the news, Samsung recently had to recall 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 phones around the globe due to battery-related issues that caused the phones to catch fire.

Samsung galaxy note 7 — PikHur (@BananMayn69) September 3, 2016


In fact, the battery problems are so bad that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned Samsung users to turn off their phones, and some airlines have even banned passengers from bringing these explosive smartphones onto planes.

Garuda. SQ. Etihad. Qatar. Australian/American Airlines, and I'm sure a lot more are banning Samsung Galaxy Note 7. — Alexander Thian (@aMrazing) September 11, 2016


Check out the tweets below to see some of what people are saying about the Samsung's "hot" new smartphone.

Samsung recently recalled Galaxy Note 7 phones because their batteries were bursting into flames...

The #Samsung #GalaxyNote7 is the #DonaldTrump of smartphones. It's yuuuge & explodes without warning. — Adam Rackoff (@AdamRackoff) September 3, 2016

...and now, Twitter is blowing up with all sorts of hilarious reactions.

When you leave your #GalaxyNote7 charging at home #Note7 #Samsung #Android — Ángel Pérez (@angelperez_1) September 3, 2016

Some people compared the volatile phones to hand grenades...

No grenades, no worries. Use Note7 #samsung #note7 — 9GAG (@9GAG) September 7, 2016

Others compared the Galaxy Note 7 to the iPhone 7...

#Apple hearing about the #GalaxyNote7 batteries exploding and potential recall like — A.Luck_MyQB (@J_Godoy_30) September 2, 2016

...and some tried to figure out which was worse, the exploding batteries or the lack of a headphone jack.

Samsung phones are literally exploding, the company loses $22 Billion of market cap. Tech reporters: No headphone jack? Apple doomed — Austen Allred (@AustenAllred) September 12, 2016

Some people even made remarks about their new phone FOMO, despite the fact that these phones are basically blowing people's dicks off.

Despite the fact that they are exploding and barbecuing people's dicks I am sad that I don't have a #GalaxyNote7. — Jacob (@plaid_ink) September 2, 2016

Resourceful Samsung users posted simple suggestions about how to make the phone safer, like using it underwater to prevent fires...

Samsung recalls it's new flagship phone #GalaxyNote7 due to exploding battery fears. So to be safe use it underwater. — MKMugi (@Mkmuya) September 2, 2016

...and placing it on ice to fix the overheating battery issues.

When your new Samsung phone has a tendency to overheat and explode while charging, but is also waterproof. — Mother Of Sarcasm (@SarcasmMother) September 9, 2016

Others urged Samsung users to take extra safety precautions while charging these bad boys...

Samsung users these days — 9GAG (@9GAG) September 6, 2016 placing it in a fire-retardant case to protect yourself from third-degree burns.

Found the perfect case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7: — not Jony Ive (@JonyIveParody) September 3, 2016

The best reactions came from people who decided to poke fun at the problem.

So #GalaxyNote7 is having an exploding start — Sasanga Amaratunga (@sasanga) September 2, 2016

They posted all sorts of clever puns about the explosive phones.

Apple needs to announce something big today to keep up: Samsung's phones have been on fire lately, with a lot of "bang for your buck", — Fiora Aeterna (@FioraAeterna) September 7, 2016

No, really, the Twitter puns have been on fire since the recall.

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, users are having a blast. — not Jony Ive (@JonyIveParody) September 3, 2016

If Twitter puns aren't the things that make you tick, don't worry...

#GalaxyNote7 sales are so hot their exploding off the shelves — JTV (@jayv1974) September 2, 2016

...because people are also posting some plain old Samsung jokes that are totally the bomb.

Every #Galaxy #Note7 owner right now… — Mike Lovell (@tintedGreen) September 2, 2016

I think it's safe to say iPhone users have finally won the age-old, "Which phone is better?" debate.

People you shouldn't argue with : vegans, feminists, atheists and those who think samsung is better than iphone. — Ahmad (@A7maad_Ali) September 3, 2016