These Tweets Perfectly Sum Up What We're All Thinking About The iPhone 7


If you've been paying attention to the latest tech news, you probably know Apple just made a pretty big announcement.

That's right, yesterday, the company held an event in San Francisco, where it finally unveiled the highly anticipated iPhone 7 design.

During the event, Apple explained some of the iPhone 7's latest innovations, like a new dual camera and a water-resistant body.

However, the presenters also dropped a major bomb on the iPhone community when they revealed the iPhone 7 would have wireless headphones and no headphone jack.

As you can imagine, people had a lot of feelings about this announcement, and the Twitter-verse is exploding with all sorts of reactions to the phone's new features.

Apple just gave the world a glimpse of the almighty iPhone 7...

...and now, lots of people are poking fun at the phone's new features.

The iPhone 7's cordless headphones have a lot of introverts up in arms...

...and some have made a good point that these minimalistic headphones pose a serious choking hazard.

Apple customers are worried they're going to lose those little AirPods on the reg.

Some are even proposing that Apple add a "Find My AirPod" feature to the Find My iPhone app...

...while others have demonstrated that finding a suitable replacement for these stupid earbuds will be easy.

Thanks to the new design, the aux cord struggle is seriously real with the iPhone 7...

...and the Twitter-verse thinks Apple was pretty selfish by not making room for a jack on the new phone.

But rest assured Apple hasn't taken this glorious feature away from us.

Plus, it left the iPhone 7 screen just how we all like it: fragile AF.

Apparently, people are also pretty upset about the hefty price tag that comes along with this phone...

...and Twitter users have been making all sorts of hilarious jokes about being too broke to afford one of these bad boys.

However, it appears the abundance of jokes related to selling a kidney are offending all of those who only have one left, thanks to the last iPhone drop.

If you don't have enough dough to snag a 7, don't worry. You can always upgrade your iPhone 6 with a DIY rendition of the new design.

But I think it's safe to say we're all going to miss our old headphones...

...even if they were annoying AF sometimes.

RIP Jack. We'll never forget you.

While there's no telling what the iPhone 8 will have in store for us...

...I think it's safe to assume we're going to start hearing a lot of iPhone 7-inspired rap songs soon.

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