How To Use Old Heaphones With New iPhone 7

Following Apple's debut of the iPhone 7, the internet has been in a collective tailspin after the rumors were confirmed: The iPhone 7 will not have the standard headphone jack.

RIP headphone jack, you're with the gods now #AppleEvent — NINE Demky (@DElVlKY) September 8, 2016

I know, it's horrific. But what if I told you there was a way for you to still use traditional headphones with the iPhone 7? Is that something you might be interested in?

According to reports, Apple just introduced an item called the iPhone Lighting Dock. It will not only charge your iPhone 7, but allow you to listen to music using standard 3.5 mm headphones while getting a battery boost.


By the looks of it, your iPhone 7 easily sits on the dock to get a charge, and you can listen to all your favorite jams while giving the universal sign to co-workers, friends and family members that you have no desire to talk to anyone.

The iPhone Lightning Dock comes in space gray, silver, black, gold and rose gold, and you can pre-order (Apple's favorite word) the item now for $49.

According to, if you order today, the dock will be shipped between September 20 and September 27.

Happy listening!

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