The Jet Black iPhone 7 Is Already Sold Out And It Hasn't Even Been Released Yet

If you've had your heart set on the owning the sleek 'n' sexy Jet Black iPhone 7 this month, it looks like you're shit out of luck -- because they just sold out.

The iPhone 7 release date is officially September 16, but when pre-orders opened up on Friday morning, there was a mad rush for the shiny black color.

Don't fret, though! You can still own a jet black phone if you really want to, you just might have to wait a few weeks.

But if you're feeling particularly ambitious and long for the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus, you may have to wait all the way until November to actually receive it.

Let that sink in. N-O-V-E-M-B-E-R.

For anyone as impatient as I am, you might want to opt for one of the other color choices -- matte black, silver, gold or rose gold -- which all still have delivery dates around September 16.

If jet black is the only kind of iPhone 7 you can accept, then I highly suggest you pull your credit card out and order one ASAP. Maybe then you'll have it in time for Christmas.

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