Simone Biles Posts Picture On Instagram Kissing Zac Efron

OOOOOH HOT FLIPPING DAYUM do I have some juicy scoop for all of my Zac Efron-Simone Biles fanatics out there.

Let me rewind for a sec and remind you that Simone Biles is the proud owner of a life-size cutout of our man Zac Efron.

YEP, here it is.


I can totally relate to this — who wouldn't want a daily reminder of Zac's straight up hunky self staring them directly in the face when they wake up?!

Real talk though Simone, where can I get a cutout like yours, girl???

Zac even tweeted a response to Simone's major crush on him… And it was surprisingly, V. WEAK.

Exhibit A:

Duuuuudeeeee, really?

BUT, it looks like the 19-year-old Olympic gymnast's dreams were made today.

She finally met her super sexy celebrity crush IRL and, luckily for us, posted an adorable video on Instagram. I repeat -- this is not a cutout, this is the real effing Efron!

Here's Simone, (almost) giving Zac a kiss on the cheek.


Major feels going on RN.

This adorable meet-up was the perfect way for Zac to respond to Simone hardcore crushing on him.