This Rainbow Churro Sundae Bowl Is Topped With All Your Favorite '90s Snacks

Dessert is a big seller, and so is nostalgia. When the two join forces to create an out-of-this-world dish, you better believe foodies everywhere take notice. The Rainbow Churro Sundae bowl At El Rio Grande in NYC might feature childhood favorites, but that's no reason adults can't indulge, too. In fact, it's the perfect excuse for them to relive the good 'ol days.

Tucked away in New York City's Murray Hill neighborhood, Tex-Mex go-to El Rio Grande decided to take its churros to another level. The carnival favorite is a crowd pleaser on its own, but throw in amazing treats like Skittles, M&Ms, Froot Loops, Oreos and gummy bears, and you have a dessert concoction people only dream about. Have you ever taken a bite of something so decadent?

The multi-colored, multi-layered dish features a three-inch scoop of whipped cream atop the restaurant's super popular fried ice cream. Let's face it: Any time the word "fried" is thrown into the mix, you know you're going to be in for a treat. Once you get past the multitude of snacks, ice cream, and whipped cream, you're free to eat the churro bowl, too. Do you think you have what it takes to finish the whole thing? Take a gander and decide.

Pretty impressive, huh? I think it is safe to say that I am up for the challenge. For only $12, the snack is pretty accessible for any hungry customer out there. New York City is the place where dreams come true, and your dessert fantasies will certainly be fulfilled. Take a look at Delish's video of the creation of this fantastic snack.

But this is totally not the only drool-worthy item on the menu. If you take a look at the dessert offerings, there's an option to choose other fan favorites like the Banana Piñata, a homemade fried pastry filled with banana and chocolate chips topped with vanilla ice cream or fried ice cream (which is simply deep-fried vanilla ice cream rolled in corn flakes and topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream). If you're in a fall state of mind, give the Sopapillas a go. They're homemade fried puffed pastries served with warm apples and vanilla ice cream. No need to tell us twice! But if you're just as obsessed with nostalgia as we are, stick with the Rainbow Churro Sundae.

But if you're too full to take on one of these babies, take the opportunity to relive the '90s with new home decor options or fun new outfits. Now, '90s-lovin' millennials can take home more Lisa Frank items than they did back in their elementary school days. Currently, Walmart is selling a psychedelic-looking rainbow Lisa Frank bed set, featuring an adorable neon cheetah. There's a lot happening in one space, but if you want to pay homage to the greatest decade there is, this is certainly the way to do it. You can also enter for a chance to win Lisa Frank sneakers or you can head to Target to find a pair of Lisa Frank jammies that'll go amazingly well with your new comforter.


More of a Nickelodeon kind of millennial? We've got you covered. Love Tribe, part of Hybrid Apparel, just released a Macy's-exclusive line that features your favorite characters: Arnold, Gerald, Ren, Stimpy, Tommy, Chuckie... the whole crew.

“The idea for Love Tribe is that everything we do has to have meaning. It's not just about selling stuff,” Bonnie Dogan, vice president of sales for specialty retailers at Hybrid Apparel, tells Elite Daily. “We got the idea that it would be really great to design something that was nostalgic and reminded us of our childhood. The bright colorful palette gives the line a fun, youthful, playful feel.”

Naturally, these items are a must.

Courtesy of Love Tribe/Hybrid Apparel

So whether you're heading out to find snacks or clothes, there are certainly plenty of ways to feed your craving for the good 'ol days. Happy snacking and shopping.