Lisa Frank Bed Sheets Are Here So Your Home Decor Can Pay Tribute To The '90s

There are now more opportunities than ever to relive your favorite decade. Lisa Frank, the brand that's synonymous with '90s nostalgia, is making a return in a big way. It appears every few weeks millennials are treated to a dose of neon with new items from the fan favorite. Now that Lisa Frank bed sheets are available at Walmart, you can add an '90s vibe to your home decor and honor the good old days.

Naturally, the comforter set makes a bold statement. The rainbow cheetah print will definitely bring the whole room together, and without question, it will be the main draw. The machine-washable set includes a comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases, so your bed is getting one heck of a colorful treatment. If you really want to go back in time, put a Beanie Baby on your nightstand to pull the whole look together. Better yet, make sure you order one of these "colorful cat" pillows from Lisa Frank — it'll be a double whammy.

The bedding is only available in twin or full sizes, so if your dorm room needs a little oomph, you've found your answer. You'll be the hit of the sorority with one of these bad boys. Can't you just see yourself getting cozy in these sheets while the Spice Girls are playing?


As if that wasn't enough to get excited about, Target is selling Lisa Frank pajamas, so you'll really go wild when you hit the hay. There are dolphin nighties, rainbow-colored shorts and shirts, and so much more. If you're looking for something particularly sweet and comfy, might I suggest the neon lips short and shirt combo? They're airy and light, but the best part of them is the fact that you can relive your youth. From experience, I must warn you not to wear them outside because you might get some funky looks. Some people just aren't hip.


But that's not all. There are definitely more exclusive LF items available — take for example this $450 denim jacket from the forthcoming vintage store, Spark Pretty in New York City. The owners describe their shop as “I Want My MTV” meets '80's hair bands, crossed with the flash of '70's glam-rock,” according to an interview in TimeOut New York, so naturally, this means customers are in store for a lot of color and funky prints. Lisa Frank definitely found a perfect home, wouldn't you say?

If this price tag seems a little intimidating, you can also opt for your chance to win Lisa Frank and Reebok sneakers. The two joined forces to create an out-of-this-world shoe selection complete with pinks, purples, colorful animals — dolphins, cheetahs, cats, and so on — and of course, a splash of neon. If you're sold, here's what you need to do to score a limited-edition pair of these babies. Answer the question: “What's your favorite trend from your back to school days?” via Twitter and send your response to @Reebok and @LisaFrank. Those with the most creative responses will be rewarded with a pair of their own. But get your thinking cap on — only two people will be selected as winners.


For those brave souls who are really into capturing the spirit of the '90s, Lisa Frank trends have also made their way into beauty routines, from blue and purple lip colors to wild hair hues that sport the "mermaid" and "unicorn" look. A Kickstarter campaign also started earlier this year to support the brand's makeup line — which comes complete with colorful brushes and such — so obviously, if you're going to paint your face, this is the way to do so.

And those most enamored with '90s memorabilia can take comfort knowing that even a Lisa Frank movie is in the works. Here's to 2017 getting a whole lot of much-needed color and excitement.