Bride Paralyzed Before Wedding Finally Stands And Holds Child In Inspiring Photos

Rachelle Chapman/Facebook

A woman paralyzed after an unforeseen accident back in 2010 has finally managed to stand up and hold her baby for the very first time.

31-year-old Rachelle Chapman was jokingly pushed into a pool during her own bachelorette party, when her head hit the floor and she became paralyzed from the chest down, according to MailOnline.

After the life-changing incident, Rachelle was deadset on maintaining as much of a normal life as possible. And to her, that meant building a family with her husband Chris, no matter what it took.

Rachelle Chapman/Facebook

"I had these tubes down my throat, a feeding tube and a breathing tube, and I looked kind of scary," she told TLC. "But the first question that came to my mind was, 'can I still have kids?'"

Though blood pressure medication kept Rachelle from giving birth herself, the couple did manage to have a baby girl through surrogacy, thanks to mutual college friend Laurel Humes.

Since that moment, Rachelle has made it her goal to raise her daughter Kaylee, despite inherent doubt from others that being disabled would prevent her from doing so.

Rachelle Chapman/Facebook

"Chris and I together as a team are more than capable of taking care of a baby, especially with the help of my mother, who was all in from the beginning," she told TODAY.

While Rachelle's mother, Carol, lives at home with Rachelle and Chris to help out after Chris has gone back to work, Rachelle has made the most of her surroundings to be the best mother she can be.

Kaylee has even learned to walk by pulling and holding herself up from the back of her mother's wheelchair.

Rachelle Chapman/Facebook

"Even though my fingers don't work, I have found a way to manipulate my hands to do a lot of things," she said. "I can hold Kaylee. I can feed Kaylee and I can play with her while Chris is washing bottles or whatever. We have a system that works for us."

Rachelle Chapman/Facebook

In addition to her other efforts to keep things normal, Rachelle has learned how to operate a special van, so she can hopefully drive her daughter to school one day.

Despite the obstacles she's overcome in her life post-accident, and any she's yet to face, Rachelle's maintained a positive attitude that should be admired.

Kaylee is definitely one lucky girl.

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