Paralyzed Woman Proves Anyone Can Feel Sexy In His Or Her Own Skin (Photos)

Rachelle Friedman Chapman has been in a wheelchair since the age of 24, when an accident on the evening of her bachelorette party left her paralyzed from the chest down.

Many things have obviously changed for Chapman since that unfortunate night back in 2010.

But apparently, her sex life hasn't been one of them.

To challenge the stigma that disabled people aren't sexy, Chapman recently stripped down to her skivvies and shot a stunning boudoir photo series wearing only lingerie.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Chapman said,

I think a lot of people have a hard time seeing through the wheelchair so here I am, this is me without the chair. But I'm actually the exact same person. I hope it will make people think. People with disabilities still have sexuality and honestly I'm tired of being something that we can't talk about as a society.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Chapman's beautiful photos.

Rachelle Friedman Chapman may be paralyzed from the chest down, but that didn't stop her from posing in a steamy photo series.

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She said, "I'm doing this for those who can't see past a wheelchair. I'm doing it to show we are capable, sexual beings and we are not to be overlooked..."

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"My paralysis is an awful part of my life and I hope for a cure. But, in the meantime I need to love myself."

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Chapman admits she faced issues with confidence and self-esteem since her accident. But, that hasn't discouraged her from being intimate.

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Chapman revealed, "I love my body now and I'm not afraid to talk about sexuality, intimacy or beauty. There is no shame in talking about sexuality because at the end of the day it is an important part of who we all are as individuals."

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This gorgeous woman wants everyone to know being in a wheelchair may have some limitations, but at the end of the day disabled people are still "smart, courageous, funny, beautiful and yes... sexy."

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