Disabled Woman Finally Gets To Touch The Ocean With Classmates' Help (Photo)

When Gabrielle Broere's wheelchair couldn't roll through the sand, her friends carried her.

A picture snapped from that day shows Broere victorious, standing in the cold Aegean Sea with the help of four fellow study abroad students during a 17-day winter break trip to Greece.

The University of Montana senior, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 1, isn't afraid of anything.

Even after undergoing 10 surgeries and weekly physical therapy to improve mobility, Broere was still determined to share the experiences of others her age.

She even walked across the stage alone at her high school graduation.

When it came to Greece, Broere's mobility depended upon the generosity of her friends.

The young woman uses crutches or a wheelchair for support, but often requires some help in difficult terrain.

The photo of Broere's human support system since went viral, but she insists the “surreal” moment was far from the only time her friends helped out.

She told Montana Kaimin, "There was one time when we were on the ferry and the lift broke so they had four guys carry me down the stairs in my wheelchair.”

Broere even added she'd gotten up to the Acropolis with the support of her classmates.

The young woman, who plans to go to law school after graduating, is anything but finished exploring.

After a 2011 trip to Peru and this year's Greek excursion, Broere has her sights set on France or Italy for the next trip.

She would rather not be limited.

She added, "It sucks getting around and it's hard, but I can do it."

"I've been through a lot now, and I'll continue going through that the rest of my life."

"I can't let anything hold me back."

Look out, world.

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