This Nike Outfit Is The New "Dress" And The Internet Is At War Over Its Colors

by Brenda Santana
Drew Angerer/ Getty Images

Yes, the internet loves disagreeing on things.

This week, everyone online is arguing about a seemingly normal (and kind of cute) Nike athleisure outfit.

The outfit was first shared on Facebook by user Rachel Stewart on July 3 and has already amassed over 700 shares, hundreds of Facebook reactions, and hundreds of comments.

Stewart just couldn't seem to figure out which colors she saw on the clothing, and insists that she sees pink and white instead of gray and turquoise.

(I'm gonna have to disagree with you there Rachel, I definitely see gray and turquoise.)

Reminiscent of "The Dress," this Nike ensemble quickly picked up traction, getting the attention of a popular Australian blog which asked it's followers to identify what they saw.

No one can seem to agree on what color they think this Nike outfit is.

Some of the people in Stewart's post claim they see turquoise and gray, others claim to see pink and white.

Pink and white? Really?

Some users are over this whole optical illusion thing, and few people just want to know where they can find the outfit.

A Memphis, Tenessee store named BiNorth Collection, is claiming to sell the outfit, and they assure customers the Nike outfit is in fact "blue and gray."

Thank you for clearing that up BiNorth!

This Nike outfit is one many viral optical illusions since "The Dress" of 2015. You may remember "The Flip Flops," "The Purse," and (my all-time favorite),"The Shirt."

If you don't remember any of the optical illusions I mentioned above, it's probably because you don't spend every waking moment of your life, online... like me.

Must be nice to have a life!

Anyway, what color do you think this Nike outfit is? Do you see blue and gray, pink and white, or something else? Sound off in the comments!