Leaked Video Shows 'Cash Me Outside' Girl Beat Up By Mom And We're Concerned


An eye-opening video recently leaked that shows Danielle Bregoli, aka the "Cash Me Outside" girl, being beaten by her mother on the floor of her home.

The harrowing footage that went viral on Tuesday was captured on someone's phone and shows the 13-year-old being reprimanded by her angry mom, Barbara.


We aren't sure why her mother was so angry or when the video was taken, but the footage is drawing a different kind of attention to the feisty teenager.

In the footage, Danielle's mom can be seen holding her daughter on the ground by her hair, saying things like, "You're so fucking tough?" and calling her a "bitch."


Further into the video -- in what appears to be separate footage on a different cell phone -- Barbara can be seen approaching Danielle while she's sitting on the couch, yelling, "Give it to me, bitch."

While her mother is yelling at her, Danielle stands up and exits the video frame.

A voice can be heard saying, "STOP!" toward the end of the clip.

The disturbing footage was originally shot on an onlooker's cell phone and then taped by the person who published this video.

This footage was released a few weeks after police were called to Danielle's home after an alleged domestic fight between her and her mom broke out on Tuesday, March 7.

Supposedly, she was kicking Danielle's friend out of their home in Boynton Beach, Florida.

However, Danielle wasn't happy about her mother's decision to force her friend to leave, so she started a fight.

It's been reported after police arrived, the heated argument settled down and officers eventually left the scene.

Earlier this month, Danielle's dad wrote a heartbreaking plea to help his daughter and has crated a GoFundMe page to help raise money for legal fees.

He claimed he left her mother but never abandoned Danielle, and hopes to be reunited with his daughter in the future.

We hope Danielle gets the help she needs.

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