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Kid Laughing At Idea Of Pizza Being Her BF Is Really Laughing At All Of Us

There's no question this video of a little girl laughing at a lunchbox that says, "Pizza is my boyfriend," is adorable.

Why? Because just about any video showing little kids laughing and carelessly having fun is cute.

YouTube/Brave Love

And the video would be funny, too, if only we could all ignore having pizza next to us on a Friday night is the closest thing to significant others a lot of us have.

Let's face it, the idea of pizza as your closest companion is the reason being able to order a pie from your TV, while you go through a weekend binge-watching session, is such big news.

It's also the reason a video of a woman shoving pizza in her face when the Kiss Cam focuses on her at an Atlanta Hawks game seems perfectly normal and acceptable.


There's even a scientific reason you can't find the strength to say to pizza what you always tell your love interest: no.

Yup, that's pizza. It can find a way to be there for you when others aren't, and the fact that this little girl is laughing at the idea makes it feel like she's laughing at us.

Give her a decade or two, though. She'll know the deal.

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