This Woman Shoving Pizza Into Her Face On The Kiss Cam Is All Of Us

Normally, when the arena cameras show what's happening on any stadium Kiss Cam, it's nothing more than a few boring couples doing some low-key smooching.

Last night, though, at the Atlanta Hawks game, the Kiss Cam caught two lovebirds attempting to become pregnant and one woman shoveling pizza into her mouth with the ferocity of a hungry velociraptor. All in one frame, no less!

I mean, just look at this woman go to town while double-fisting two slices of cheesy goodness. Her friend is all, "Slow down, now, you're embarrassing us."

In case you're wondering, since this was an NBA playoff game, the Atlanta Hawks defeated the Boston Celtics 89-72 to take a two-games-to-none lead in the best-of-seven series.

I know, we only really care about pizza woman and her I-give-zero-f*cks mentality.

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