#KayakSofa Is Already The Best Trend To Come Out Of The Rio Olympics


I thought nothing could surprise me about the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil after all of the crazy news stories about crime and living in the less-than-great Olympic Village, which, by the way, also has no coffee.

But, that was until I heard the story of an Olympic kayaker mysteriously capsizing in the water. According to MSN, Paul Kelso, a reporter for Sky Sports in the UK, reported that the kayak flipped over after it encountered a sofa underwater.

Now, nothing has been confirmed by officials yet, but after Kelso tagged his tweet with #KayakSofa, all kinds of people started tweeting everything they knew about the alleged kayak sofa, or everything they wanted to know about it.

It seems the trend prompted an official investigation of sorts.

There's literally a person on a motorized fridge boating around in some of the Rio de Janeiro waters, so that's sort of compelling evidence for other things, like a sofa, floating around.

People really wanted the kayak sofa to be true.

Eventually, it seems someone spotted the kayak sofa!

At least, that's probably a photo of what a submerged sofa would look like and not the actual sofa.

A brand-new Twitter account, Kayak Sofa, even sprung up in light of the trend, and it hilariously tweets about the story and the Olympics in general from the sofa's perspective.

Until the kayak sofa is officially confirmed by Olympics officials, there's no way to know for sure, but damn do I hope this story is true.

I do feel bad for that kayaker though. I'm sure it only adds insult to injury that on what was probably one of the best days of the kayaker's life -- which quickly became the worst when the kayaker flipped over after hitting a submerged sofa -- nobody cares who the kayaker who is; everyone just cares about finding the sofa. Poor Olympian.

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