There's No Coffee In The Olympic Village — As If Things Needed To Get Worse


You can now add to the long list of cons at the Olympic Village in Rio.

Besides all the reports of unfinished bathrooms, cramped spaces, shower heads falling off and flooding, it turns out there's another travesty at the Village: a lack of coffee.

While speaking with NPR reporter Melissa Block, Egyptian archer Ahmed El-Nemr described the horror,

I have some complains [sic] about coffee. I asked. They said we are only limited to Coca-Cola products. So...

I'll finish that sentence for him: "So... we're screwed."

I mean, that's the situation for any coffee-loving athlete, right? They're screwed, because even though there are coffee shops within close distances to the Olympic Village, nothing between the stories we've heard about Rio in the lead-up to the Games suggests that going out into the actual streets of the city, particularly as an outsider, is a good idea.

This, of course, just adds to the ironic, and sometimes shocking, lack of basic amenities at the Olympic Village.

For such a high-profile and expensive event, you'd expect there to be rooms actually finished by the time athletes arrives and for water to flow without problems.

But nope, that's not Rio 2016 roles, apparently. Hopefully, the actual games are much better the athletes' living conditions.

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