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Instagram Stories Has An Amazing New Update

Last week we told you about the Instagram update that makes stalking all of your favorite Insta-famous style bloggers and foodies a million times easier.

If you thought Instagram's new "Save" feature was pretty badass, just you wait.

It turns out bookmarking IG photos with the push of a button isn't the only shiny, new feature Instagram has up its sleeve.

The social media platform just launched another software update for Instagram Stories that has a bunch of tools that are perfect for stepping up your selfie-game during the holidays... or you know, stalking your ex on social media while you're bored during winter break.

If you're wondering what the latest update for Instagram's story feature entails, a spokesperson from Instagram just told Elite Daily the update has five new features that will allow you to get more creative with your stories.



Instagram Stories has a new contextual tool in the camera that lets you goes beyond the boring geotag by adding stickers to your photo that display things like the time, weather and location.

To access these stickers, all you have to do is open up the camera mode, tap on the smiley icon and customize the style of the stickers as you please.


If you're looking to add some captions to your stories to make them really stand out, the software update also has a new feature that lets you superimpose text right onto your photos.



You can also make your stories look festive AF because Instagram added an entire collection of awesome holiday-inspired stickers, including a glorious candy cane brush.



If you want your ex to know you're totally having the best time ever at his BFF's ugly sweater party, there's a new feature for that, too.

Rather than holding down the record button, you can simply tap the video button and tape yourself taking shots of boxed Fireball hands free!



Last but not least, Instagram also included a new feature that saves all of your stories from the past 24 hours as one epic video on your camera, so you can relive every moment of your stories over and over again.

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