You Can Finally Save Pics On Instagram — Here's How To Start Your Inspo Board

Social media is a great way to stumble upon new things.

In a way, scrolling through you Instagram feed is almost like going on a virtual expedition to uncover everything from outfit inspiration and awesome places to explore, to workout routines, delicious recipes, DIY projects, wedding ideas and more.

Seriously, the list of things you can discover on Instagram goes on and on.

If you're someone who likes to bookmark all of the awesome things you see on social media, there's a good chance the photo library on your phone is filled with random Instagram screenshots.

While snapping a pic to revisit the idea later may seem like a great idea, there's just one little problem with using this bookmarking method.

It can be hard to keep track of all those miscellaneous photos, and in no time, your photo library starts to turn into sh*t show of jumbled screens shots.

The most annoying part about this is when you finally need that recipe for wine hot cocoa or want to sneak a peak at that glorious #OOTD, you can never seem to find the damn photo.

However, today marks the end of your screenshot struggles because you can finally save pics on Instagram!

That's right. The newest software update for Instagram has a nifty new feature that allows you to bookmark a posts with the touch of a button.


All you have to do is tap the little bookmark icon below the photo and it will be added to a special "saved" page on your profile.


Now I know what you're probably thinking, and don't worry, it's a private page that only you can see.

So you can feel free to shameless save every outfit from your favorite fashionista without showing the world that you're a low-key stalker.


According to an Instagram project manager for Save, Ashley Yuki, "This is just a starting point to help people dive into those moments of inspiration, so they can revisit them later on."

As of right now, you can't organize your saved posts by grouping them into categories like food, fashion or travel, unfortunately.

But Yuki revealed that Instagram will continue to edit the Save platform over time, so new organizational features could possibly be added in the future.

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