This 'Harry Potter' Christmas Tree Will Give You Major Holiday Inspiration


Let's be real, the best place to celebrate Christmas is probably Hogwarts. Since it sadly doesn't exist and we're all Muggles, this Facebook user's Christmas tree will have to do the trick.

Kathryn Burnett took her love for all things "Harry Potter" to the next level by basically turning her living room into the Great Hall during the holiday season.

After eight hours of set-up, her Christmas tree was adorned with so many trinkets that you'll think you've stumbled into the Room of Requirement just by looking at it.

Take this Dolores Umbridge ornament. I must not tell lies -- this is so cool.


She's also included the Knight Bus and Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem (hopefully sans a piece of Voldemort's soul).


Aww, here's Hedwig (RIP) and a Chocolate Frog. Anyone else find it really weird that people ate these lifelike, animated pieces of chocolate in the Wizarding World?


Looks like Kathryn is a Seeker because she totally caught the Golden Snitch.

And if she wants to experience the glory of this Christmas tree after the holiday season is over, she can just use this friendly Time-Turner (not to be confused with Time-Warner, which is very unfriendly).


This locket that once belonged to R.A.B. (AKA Regulus Arcturus Black) now belongs to K.B. (AKA Kathryn Burnett).


Look! It's a piece of mail from the Ministry of Magic. Hopefully, Kathryn isn't being audited for evading her Wizarding taxes this year.


In case you're looking for more pint-sized doses of "Harry Potter" this holiday season, might I suggest watching this 78-minute, edited version of all eight "Harry Potter" films?

And if you're looking to get manage the mischief of all the holiday weight you put on, there's a "Harry Potter"-themed yoga class that's right up your Diagon Alley.

All in all, Kathryn's tree stands as a challenge to all Potterheads out there: Is there anyone who can best this Christmas tree?

The time may soon came when you'll have to choose between what is right and what is easy when it comes to decorating your tree for the holidays.

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