Much Needed Invention Will Ensure You Never Lose Your Apple TV Remote Ever Again

Nothing screams "bliss" at the end of the day like a comfortable couch. The blankets are situated to perfection and your Wednesday-night show is about to start... or so you think. After realizing your favorite sitcom is on hiatus for the week, a peaceful moment turns into utter disarray all because you can't find the remote and change the channel. Too many times has relaxation taken a back seat to the search party. But now, the Elago Intelli Case for Apple TV remote will make the process a bit less stressful for those of you (read: everyone) who can't keep track of the small Apple device.

This soft silicone cover acts as magnet that can attach to metal surfaces (TVs included) so you'll never have to ask "Where did the remote go?" again. Discovering the gadget's whereabouts is never fun; by the time all is said and done, you're too disgusted to even watch TV, and you've likely come across a wad of dust or food crumbs that require immediate attention. Keeping the Apple remote in a stationary location will ensure your reality TV binge is going according to plan. Now doesn't that sound like the weeknight TV marathon you were hoping for?

For those who are super clumsy and irresponsible, the $8.99 product (if purchased from Amazon) also comes with a strap, so you can fasten the device to your wrist and never question the remote's whereabouts again. You're in control, baby.

And with all of the TV goodness that's about to hit the screen, you're not going to have time to lose the remote. Everyone's shipping different Bachelor in Paradise contestants, so you need to keep up, Game of Thrones spoilers are alive and well, and rumors are swirling that Taylor Swift might be performing at the VMA's. Are you going to have time to search for your remote during all that? I think not.