This Dad's Shot-For-Shot Remake Of His Daughter's Photo Shoot Is Perfection


One man's daughter participated in a modeling shoot at a hotel, and later, upon realizing that he was staying in the same hotel the photographs were taken in, he decided to take some pictures of his own.

As parents become more and more familiar with social media, new technology and the internet in general, they are coming closer and closer to the virtual world within which their spawn had once enjoyed a degree of privacy from the people who raised them.

There was a time when you could kind of do and say anything online without your parents being any the wiser. That time is over.

High schooler Kendel Divarco won a national modeling competition in January, and her prize was a paid trip to Las Vegas, along with a photo shoot at a luxurious hotel.

Vince Divarco, Kendel's dad, found himself at that same hotel last week with Kendel's mom. On the spot, the two parents decided to recreate the photo shoot, shot for shot, in all the same locations. Shelly Divarco, Kendel's mom, took the role of photographer, and Vince put his modeling hat on.

The results are, honestly, pretty delightful.


It just makes me pretty excited to troll my kids, if I ever have any. I'M NOT READY TO HAVE THAT CONVERSATION WITH YOU, INTERNET! LET'S JUST MOVE IN TOGETHER AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!!!


Kendel took the photo shoot in stride, but told Buzzfeed, "I am a little upset my dad looked better than I did in most of them." But also, like, not that.


And finally, there is this gem...


By the way, this guy looks A LOT like the guy from "Lost" in this picture. I don't know the character's name, sorry. I tried watching a couple episodes of that show and it was more confusing than Donald Trump's rambling at the debates on Monday — BLAMO! POLITICS! YOU DIDNT THINK THERE WOULD BE ANY POLITICS IN THIS POST AND YOU WERE WRONG!

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