You Need To See How These Insanely Gorgeous "Galaxy Bowls" Are Made


If you're going to treat yourself to a scoop of ice cream, you have to make a statement. Trendy desserts that are as beautiful as they are delicious are all the rage, so if you're not feasting on something that's Instagram-worthy, you're doing sweets all wrong. Take for example this ice cream chain in New Jersey. Coney Waffle's galaxy bowls reach for the stars and provide a snack that looks like it's from another planet. Obviously, one of these bad boys is pure dessert goals.

The bowl is filled with option after option. First, hungry customers get to choose an ice cream flavor. If chocolate and vanilla seem too passé, you can opt for Blue Monster or s'mores. Whether you opt for a classic or something a bit out of the ordinary, each flavor's guaranteed to leave you with a full belly. But then, of course, the ice cream is just one tiny aspect of the galaxy bowl.

The multicolored waffle cone bowls — ranging in hues from pink and green to red and purple — give that "out-of-this-world" feeling to the treats. But then they're topped off with layers upon layers of cotton candy and sweets like Whirly Pops, candy necklaces, and gummy bears, so it might be quite some time before you make your way to the waffle bowl.


Needless to say, the bowl is like something out of a dream. Those who want to hold onto summer — or get an early taste of Halloween — need not look any further.

Though an ornate bowl now, the galaxy bowl started with humble beginnings. "If we're going to make colorful cones, we've got to put stuff on it. We started putting all of our treats on it, and it just grew from there," Lorene Zalick of Coney Waffle told Delish.

With time, the chain made adjustments to the menu item. For those who would rather have a cone, that's also a feasible option. No matter your extravagant ice cream preferences, the home of the Sideshow Shake is here to please. Another added perk is the fact that if you get full a quarter of the way through (a very realistic possibility), you have the option to take different components of the dessert home — nothing will go to waste or melt all over the picnic table.

"I had to go here. I had to try this," Zalick told Delish about her young customers. "It's like they're on an amusement ride — that's how pumped they are."

Adults and kids alike were certainly pumped for this bride of Frankenstein-shaped bowl, and rightfully so. The good news is if you're looking for ice cream that makes a splash, you're in luck.

Black Tap in New York City is another fantastic option to bring your ice cream dreams to life. Its over-the-top shakes are filling, but totally worth every bite. Just take a look at the S'mores Shake invented in honor of National S'mores Day in August. It takes the campfire snack to new levels.

Danielle Valente

Options don't have to be excessive to be unique, like those at Tipsy Scoop. The New York City barlour — which ships pints anywhere in the country — provides liquor-infused ice cream sundaes for customers, which makes the "Should I go to the bar or go for dessert?" conundrum a lot simpler. Founder Melissa Tavss tells Elite Daily, "It creates a different dessert experience." If you're feeling adventurous, the shop also has a different special each month.

Tipsy Scoop

Ah, ice cream... it's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Elite Daily reached out to Coney Waffle for comment but did not hear back at the time of publication.