You Can Finally Watch Instagram Stories On Your Phone Without The App, Here's How

Instagram stories have not only taken Snapchat's reign over best social media app, it's also become everyone's obsession. IG users chronicle everything they do on stories these days and honestly, it's pretty awesome. Normally, you could only watch Instagram stories while using the app, but now you can watch Instagram stories while using your browser. Here's how to watch Instagram stories without the app.

All you have to do is fire up your favorite browser and visit Once on the site, make sure you log into your account and you'll be able to see all of the available IG stories at the top of your feed. To skip over a story, or go back to one you've already seen, you can click on the right or left arrows.

If you follow all of these instructions and still aren't able to see stories at the top of your feed, it's probably because the new feature is slowly becoming available to users over the coming weeks. So continue to wait patiently, and just use the app in the meantime.

It's not clear whether you'll be able to post on stories from a browser, but my guess is you'll probably have to continue posting via the Instagram app.


Allowing users to view stories straight from a browser isn't the only change IG has made over the past few weeks. They recently released an update that makes it possible for users to upload landscape and Portrait pictures into a gallery, without resizing the photos. This update makes me want to upload so much more pics to the 'Gram!

Another recent update allows users to DM photos or videos using existing photos or videos as a sticker. It's pretty entertaining especially if you use your IG DMs to gossip, not that I'm saying you should use IG for gossiping, but I digress.

Happy Instagramming!