This Bear Cub Chugging A Beer Is All Of Us When It's Finally The Weekend

Finally, the animal kingdom is coming back into the fold.

After what seemed like weeks of wildin' out -- you know, lions trying to eat us and tigers doing the same, etc. -- it looks like animals are back to doing funny and harmless things while letting us film them doing these funny and harmless things.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: It's what they do best, and this bear's invasion is an example of that.

Out in Alaska, a baby bear showed up at Anchorage's Moose Run Golf Club and went on a raid of a couple of golf carts, all facts to which I have many replies.

Reply #1: Wow, I did not know they played golf in Alaska, but OK.

Reply #2: Does the fact that it's sunny in this video mean it's the everlasting sun time in Alaska right now? For 100 days? That's how it works, right?

Reply #3: Let's just stop and appreciate this bear is a cub, and like most babies, it doesn't give a damn what the adult in the room is saying. Alaska cubs > Chicago Cubs.

Reply #4: Last but not least, this cub doesn't play around and goes straight for the beer.

You can't blame the bear, either. The weekend is approaching, and, like any of us, this cub went for the bear necessities.

(Don't worry, I'll see myself out.)