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No One Is Happier Than This Adorable Baby Elephant Splashing Around In A Pool

Thanks to all these instances of animals trying to eat babies alive at zoos and trying to drag toddlers through their habitats, it seems like they've been going out of their way to strike back again humans at every turn. So, it can be pretty easy to forget that animals have always served a greater purpose: to be chill and adorable, and to let us record them being chill and adorable.

It's that simple, and it looks like this 1-month-old baby elephant got the memo straight in the womb.

The yet-unnamed baby, who lives at the Night Safari in Singapore, is set to be unveiled at the park later this month, according to Daily Mail.

But while Night Safari patrons are yet to visit the baby elephant in person, the park has given us all a glimpse into the young animal's life, thanks to a video that displays the many facets of her maturation process.

The highlight of the video is obviously the part where the baby elephant gets bathed in a mini-pool. Let's be real: That sounds way better than anything we're doing right now.

If you can keep yourself from getting jealous, you'll love the video in the player above.

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