This Lion Tried To Eat A Kid At The Zoo And Hilariously Ran Into A Wall


In light of this new video of a lion trying to eat a small boy as well as the death of Harambe the gorilla after a boy fell into his enclosure, there's something that needs to be said.

THESE. THINGS. ARE. WILD. ANIMALS. Lions, tigers, bears, gorillas, it really makes no difference. Every animal you see in a zoo is basically completely wild and will likely try to kill you if given the chance.

I'm not saying the animals are malicious, rather it's the opposite. Unlike domesticated animals, these wild animals are driven by their instincts such as hunger and fear.

So, if an animal is agitated or frightened, say a gorilla, it might just pick up the nearest object, say a small human, and violently drag it around.

Or, if an animal is hungry, say a lion, it might just look at some tasty prey, say an adorable, plump, little boy in a yellow raincoat, and crouch, prowl and move to strike as soon as said prey's back is turned.

Unfortunately for the king of the jungle in this video, zoos have slightly more safety measures than nature, a lesson this lion had to learn the hard, smack-in-the-face way.

Check out the clip up top to see the lion's resignation after it fails to get at the boy and to see this kid's reaction to 400-pounds of snarling cat coming at him. The kid's surprisingly chill about it.

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