This Video Of A Zoo Tiger Charging At A Woman Is Both Terrifying And Hilarious

If there's a theme for viral videos on the internet this summer, all early signs point to it being the animal kingdom going out of its way to scare the crap out of humankind.

First, we had a Gorilla dragging a toddler around a zoo. Then we had a mutant alligator taking a stroll across a golf course. Now the newest trend appears to be the most vicious predators trying to eat zoo visitors alive, until getting smacked in the face by a glass barrier.

The latter is exactly what happened to a white tiger at a Russian zoo recently.

As a woman sat in front of a glass enclosure, the tiger crept behind her as slowly and cunningly as you'd expect of the vicious predator — one that apparently hasn't caught on to the fact that there's a clear wall between it and those creatures with opposable thumbs.

The woman's reaction was as you'd expect for a person who thought their flesh was about to be shredded in a matter of seconds: terrified. Fortunately for us, the reaction was hilarious, too.

Check out the tiger's epic fail in the video above.