This Alligator Spotted On A Golf Course Is Definitely Drogon From 'GOT'


If you were out with the crew for a round of golf on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the last thing you'd expect to see is a giant dragon from "Game of Thrones," right? Well, for a few folks at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida, that's exactly what they encountered.

OK, they didn't actually encounter one of Daenerys' dragons, but the gigantic alligator they came across looks alarmingly like Drogon from "Game of Thrones."

Don't believe me? Just check out the video above, in which you can see this giant creature roaming the fairway like it's his or her job.

I just want to take a minute to give a quick shoutout to the brave golfers who felt safe enough to stop and take a video of the giant alligator/dragon, instead of running to their golf carts and getting the f*ck out of there as quickly as humanly possible.

Reports suggest alligator sightings in this area are extremely common -- this being Florida and all -- but I still have to assume this particular gator is a bit larger than the normal variety seen around town.

According to reports, the biggest alligator on record in Florida weighed 780 pounds and measured 14 feet in length. I think we might have a new top croc, folks.

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