Adorable Video Of Cop's Dance Battle With Little Boy Will Brighten Your Day


The last three days have been a bloodbath.

From the videotaped point-blank killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, to the five police officers shot dead by a sniper during a protest in Dallas, if you've been on the internet, you've been watching Americans get murdered in the street.

Now, I really don't think the solution right now is simply to "cheer ourselves up" with a cute video — but it's important to show evidence of when cops (whatever their race) and people of color can coexist. We need to be reminded what that even looks like.

And if it's just a video of a cute kid with some killer moves dancing with a cop with some equally amazing moves, maybe that's OK.

For right now, perhaps, let's just try to remember that these are actual human beings who are being killed. The two black men and the five cops that we watched die had real lives. They loved and were loved, and now they're gone. They're not abstractions. They were here, with us, in the world, and now they're not.

So let's just watch this video of people dancing and be happy that at least these two humans are still with us — because that sort of thing is not a given anymore.