a couple sharing the Tabs Sex Chocolate that's viral on TikTok

I Tried TikTok’s Viral “Sex Chocolate” With My Boyfriend

Things got spicy, fast.

Lais Borges/Elite Daily; Tabs Chocolate; Getty
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Oysters, artichokes, asparagus. What do all of these foods have in common? They’re supposedly aphrodisiacs, which means they get you feeling hot and horny. What else do they have in common? As a picky eater, they all sound super gross to me, and TBH, not worth the elevated sexy time that could come afterward. But sex chocolate? Sign me TF up, please.

As if it knows me too well, my TikTok For You page has been flooded with videos of couples reviewing Tabs Chocolate, a self-proclaimed “pleasure-boosting” dark chocolate bar meant to make intercourse more interesting by stimulating blood flow and increasing your sex drive. With ingredients like cocoa for a dash of caffeine and epimedium, a libido-boosting herb, this yummy treat claims to get you in the mood right away. But does it actually work? My boyfriend and I were generous enough to give the pricey chocolate ($30 for a box of three pieces) a try, so you can decide whether you want to add to cart.

Waiting For The Chocolate To Arrive Felt Like Foreplay

When I texted my boyfriend, Harley, the news that we’d be sampling this treat (for research purposes, of course), his NSFW reply initiated a spicy text exchange — and from there, the anticipation began. Harley received nonstop delivery updates from me the week before the chocolate’s arrival, and we loved to chat about what it might feel like when we finally got to take it. Would it feel like high sex? Would the orgasm be different? Better, even? All that talk got us more and more excited, and the chocolate was working its magic before it even arrived at my doorstep.

The bar itself comes with three squares, each of which are meant to be broken in half and split between two partners — though I suspect it would work wonders for solo play, too. Tabs recommends taking your bite 30 minutes before intimacy. Harley and I indulged in our pieces (which were delicious, BTW) and then took to cuddling, before we naturally found ourselves wanting more. Whether that was because of the treat or just the fact that sex was on our minds, I can’t say for sure. But either way, we were both eager to see this chocolate in action.

The Chocolate’s Effects Surprised Us Both

“That was wild,” Harley said to me in our post-game interview, aka us laying naked on his bed panting into my iPhone voice recorder. “And long,” he added. I agreed as I caught my breath, legs still feeling tingly from the last hour.

As someone who struggles to stay naturally lubricated, I often have to take a breather or continuously apply lube to avoid the dreaded vagina rug burn (IYKYK). While this has been less of an issue since Harley came into play (thanks to his *chef’s kiss* understanding of what works for my body), I’m still always conscious of reapplying lube as much as possible.

However, after eating the sex chocolate, I was wetter than ever. Maybe this was Tabs’ magic ingredients, or maybe it was all the anticipation — either way, I wasn’t complaining. As for Harley, he experienced a nice energy boost and didn’t tire when putting in the work, while I relished my usual role as a pillow princess.

With more energy came more experimentation, and we were both locked in on having fun, creative sex. “Being in that headspace also prompted us to try a number of new positions that I’m excited about,” Harley said afterward. “And now I feel like there’s really a big repertoire for us to work with.”

Every couple has their old faithful positions that are easy to fall back on, and sometimes it’s hard to find motivation to switch things up — especially if those are working and feeling great. But something about having eaten the chocolate made us feel like we had to do right by it. This in itself brought us out of our go-to contortions and into shapes I hadn’t experienced before. Someone tell me why I haven’t been laying on my side more often!

As for the less tangible effects, there was an elevated mind-body connection between us. Personally, I’ve often found my mind wandering while hooking up. Why am I not wet enough? What if I can’t orgasm? Does my vagina taste super gross? But we were locked in from the first smooch. Harley and I both noticed that when eating the chocolate together, we felt more in tune with our bodies and with each other.

So, Did It Actually Work?

I can’t say for sure if this wonderful sex session can be chalked up to the sex chocolate’s actual ingredients or a welcomed placebo effect after we indulged with open minds. But either way, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Taking the chocolate turned what could have been a normal night into a special occasion for me and my boyfriend. Chatting about Tabs leading up to our tasting got our minds locked on sex and turned us on long before the big event. Even afterward, it got us talking more about our sex life — what new positions we loved, what we may not repeat, and what we wanted to do again like right now.

The chocolate made sex feel intentional, special, and new. If that sounds like something you and your partner might enjoy, I can’t recommend it enough.