Mia Sherin

Mia Sherin is a content strategy intern at Bustle Digital Group, where she works on story updates as well as special projects across BDG’s lifestyle brands. She’s passionate about covering everything from media to masturbation to mental health, with much of her work focused around sex, dating, and Gen Z culture. Most important to Mia is empowering the female experience and speaking openly about topics affecting young women today.  Mia is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at Kenyon College. She has worked as a freelance writer, interviewing viral TikTok creators for SHEESH! Magazine and working on dating and relationship stories for Elite Daily.  When she’s not roaming the frozen aisle at Trader Joe’s or rewatching Sex and The City, Mia can be found workshopping her friends’ dating profiles — because, c’mon, it’s a science. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @miasherin_.


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